Water Heater Repair & Rentals Vancouver

Enjoy energy efficient hot water in your home without the worry of costly repairs for an affordable monthly rate.
Rent-A-Tank, leader in residential hot water heater rentals in British Columbia.


The first and only hot water heater rental company in British Columbia

Rent-A-Tank was launched in 2011 in order to offer residents of British Columbia an affordable and worry free alternative to their residential hot water needs. As the first and only hot… (read more)

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As low as $14 per month

Start saving today!

Rent-A-Tank strives to provide an affordable, worry free and energy efficient way for British Columbians to enjoy hot water in their homes. (read more)


Choosing the right hot water heater for you.

Gas or Electric?

Rent-a-Tank offers a range of hot water heaters to meet your specific needs. All of our hot water heaters are energy star certified, ensuring you the most efficient and reliable hot water systems on the market. (read more)

With Rent-A-Tank you'll save the environment and save money

Save the Environment, Save your Money.

Old, inefficient hot water heaters can cost you a lot of money on your energy bill as well as unnecessarily harm the environment. With Rent-A-Tank’s high efficiency water heaters you can reduce you energy bill as well as your carbon footprint.